Frequently Asked Questions

What is Suncoast Digital Media?


We are a Sarasota-based company providing video, podcasting, social media, web development and other Internet-related services designed to connect your business with prospects and customers. 

How Are You Unique?


We are a division of JAS Management - operators of WSRQ Radio.  With a potential LOCAL reach of 800,000+ persons, state-of-the-art equipment, professional voice talent and decades of combined media experience - we can create a tailored and affordable marketing solution for any local business. 

Can You Help us Get On Page 1?


Nobody can GUARANTEE a Page 1 placement but we'd love to show you our track record!   We're big users of SEM which stands for search engine marketing.  SEM can be set up many different ways but usually refers to some form of paid search (or boosting) when it comes to video.  Call us and we'll give you a tutorial on how effective this can be!